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The most important you thing you need to know about the attorneys and professional staff at The Law Office of Nicolas C. Vrataric is that we believe Winning IS Everything. In law, second place is losing. We don’t ever like losing.

We encourage you to look around this site and learn about lead attorney Nico Vrataric. Visit the appropriate Practice Area page to learn more about your issue and check out our Results Page. Then Contact Us for a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.

The Law Office of Nicolas C. Vrataric is headquartered in Camarillo, Calif. We represent people from Los Angeles and Ventura counties in employment and personal injury matters.

What The Law Office of Nicolas C. Vrataric Can Do For You

At The Law Office of Nicolas C. Vrataric, we take only a small portion of the cases that are brought to us. We do that purposefully.

We are committed to providing our clients the best legal services in our arsenal. To achieve our goals on your behalf takes investigation, research, and strategizing and implementing a legal attack.

By limiting the number of cases we take we can commit all of our time and resources on our clients’ cases. This often translates into obtaining significant verdicts and settlements for our clients.

At The Law Office of Nicolas C. Vrataric, clients work with senior attorneys and our specially trained staff. We give clients the time in which they can ask questions and understand our legal strategy on their behalf.

When You Need an Attorney

If you have suffered a legal issue either because of employment issues or because you suffered serious personal injuries, contact us as soon as possible.

All civil cases have statutes of limitation. These are deadlines. If you haven’t filed a lawsuit by the statute of limitations, then you have given up all of your rights to ever file a lawsuit in this case or to collect for damages you suffered.

Statutes of limitation vary depending on the type of case it is and when you knew or should have known of your injury. Talk to a lawyer to find out the deadline on your case.

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Paying an Employment Lawyer

The Law Office of Nicolas C. Vrataric takes employment cases and personal injury cases on a contingency basis.

You pay nothing until your case is resolved.

Unlike defense attorneys, who are paid hourly and regardless of the outcome, plaintiff attorneys only get paid if we win your case.

We are – literally – in this with you. We know that Winning IS Everything.

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The first step is easy. Contact us for a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation. Learn your legal rights. Then you can make a decision from a position of strength on how to proceed.

When you click on a Contact Us form, you will be asked to fill out an extensive questionnaire specific to your type of case. We know it is detailed, but it will give us a great “birds-eye” view of your situation. This will allow us to give you a meaningful free consultation based on the facts of your case.

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